About Us

OCL Group Inc. is a values-driven, fully integrated pipeline, construction, and maintenance contractor. Our core areas of business include construction, repair and alteration of pressure piping for facilities and pipelines, fabrication, maintenance, civil earthworks, turnarounds and shutdowns. We are highly specialized in the area of tailings and hydro-transport piping construction and maintenance. With our specialization in fully automated, semi-automated double jointing welding processes and strategically located pipe yards and facilities, we are well positioned to offer our clients welding solutions to lower cost, improve quality and reduce operational risk.

OCL has an extensive list of large pipeline equipment and access to a database of over 3000 highly skilled workers to effectively support our projects.

The OCL Advantage

  • Focused on Client Satisfaction
  • Excellent Safety Program
  • Cost Competitive
  • Highly Skilled Workforce, Technical Expertise
  • Total Quality Management plans for all facets of work