Technical Services

OCL has top teams of industrial water-blasting and chemical cleaning experts offering a wide variety of solutions designed to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Our hydro-blasting solutions range from 10,000 PSI to 40,000 PSI. Our teams of known industry experts efficiently plan and safely execute manned and unmanned solutions that increase productivity and performance while reducing both critical path downtime and operating costs.

Technical Services:

  • Confined Space Cleaning
  • Manual Tank and Vessel Cleaning
  • Pipe Cleaning
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Tank and Vessel Circulation and Cleaning
  • OD & ID Exchanger Cleaning
  • Tower Cleaning

Specialty Services:

  • Abrasive Water Jet Cutting
  • Non-Entry Tank and Vessel Cleaning
  • Automated High-Pressure Equipment
  • Evaporator Cleaning
  • Chemical Cleaning

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