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Project Description

Midstream Projects

Project Description:

Access and Civil Earthworks

  • Provide and install various matting for access to stations and crossing protection
  • Complete backfill and final grade corrections post pipeline repair and construction
  • Installation of security fences and gates
  • Source and deliver various aggregates for pipeline repairs
  • Source and install final seeding
Project Details

Project Description:

Northwest Redwater Refinery (NWR) is located in sturgeon county. Bird Construction was awarded all work for undergrounds and foundations for Units 10, 20 & 30 who in turn subcontracted OCL Group to completed all associated piping. The Piping included Partially Contaminated Sewer System (PCSS), Oily Drainage System (ODS), & Fire Water System(FW).

Project Details

Project Description:

Manifold 2013

  • Receive, identify and manage supplied materials
  • Install piping and supports 12”-36” (weld, bolt, supports)
  • Install 2 x 450 HP pumps (alignment, pipe stress)
  • Complete tie-ins to below ground pipelines
  • Blast, coat and holiday test all underground and above ground pipelines.
  • Install rock guard and fillcrete and critical areas
  • Hydrotest Manifold piping (remove valves, temp spools, pressure, dain, reinstate valves, pump base)
  • Assist with commissioning (work along side Enbridge Operations)
  • Install 4” UG drain piping and FRP run off tank
Project Details