OCL Group Inc. is a full service industrial construction company, capable of delivering multi-discipline projects as General Contractor for facilities and pipeline projects. Our core areas of specialization include civil, above and below ground pipelines, and mechanical equipment installation.

Our experience includes execution of construction projects in active mine sites, plant facilities, tank farms and terminals, remote pipeline right of ways and green/brown field sites of all types.


  • Site clearing and grading
  • Foundations and piles
  • Equipment installation
  • Process/rack piping
  • Manifolds and pigging stations
  • Underground piping – firewater, process undergrounds, gravity drains
  • Structural steel


  • Underground Pipelines
    • Carbon steel, HDPE, fiberglass reinforced pipe (FRP)
  • Above Ground Pipelines
    • Tailings and hydro-transport
    • MFT and water transfer
    • Siphon lines
    • Anchors and guides including piling and concrete
  • Specialty Pipeline
    • Iracore tailings pipe
    • Hot bitumen insulated pipe
  • Coating, and insulation
  • Hydro-testing and non-destructive testing
  • Industrial Civil
    • Underground utility trenches and ditches
    • Foundation excavation
    • Tank and building structure pads
    • Utility corridors and right of ways
    • Site roads and access ramps
  • Environmental
    • Ponds
    • Installation of liners and geotextiles
    • Drainage ditches
    • Surface and site water management
    • Containment berms
    • Erosion control
    • Reclamation
    • Contamination clean up